These are our NBN Broadband Plans. Click here for our Home ADSL Plans
Information About the Service:
This service is not open to the public. It is for our technical customers only. Sorry.
NBN Services include a minimum 12 month contract term
All prices quoted include GST
All connections include a personal webspace.
The URL format is: http://www.tech2u.com.au/~username
All Emails via the TECH 2U Servers are Virus Scanned and SPAM Filtered
Monitor your usage with free logs and connection records at the TECH 2U Members Section
Web Based E-Mail Available. Support at 02 9499 7602.

NBN Pricing Information
Account Type Maximum Speed
Monthly Download Cost
NBN 12 12 / 1 Mbps
NBN 25 25 / 5 Mbps
NBN 50
50 / 20 Mbps
We can provide suitable modems for this service, should they be required. If you need a modem,
please feel free to contact our office to discuss modem options.
On-site installation of the NBN service to the boundary point of the premises costs $150. Installation and configuration of systems within the premises are not included.

Phone Connectivity (Optional)
Options Setup Costs Needed Costs
Residential or
Home Office
$50 (once)
GXP 1620 Desk Phone
$175 (once)
Cisco SPA 121 Phone to VoIP Adapter
$125 (once)
Mobile Bundle (includes local, national and calls to mobiles)
$29.95 (monthly)
Contact our office with enquiries for a quoted price
NOTE: Phone connections are not a requirement of NBN connections.

Other Important Information
1. NBN services are not yet available throughout all of Australia. If you are unsure of whether your address has been connected or not, please go online to http://www.nbnco.com.au/ or contact our office.
2. IMPORTANT: 000 emergency numbers may not always work and it is imperative that when calling 000 emergency numbers you supply the full, complete and accurate address information.
3. IMPORTANT: This technology is not yet suitable for Medical Alerts (medi-alert) systems. You agree not to use this system with a medical alert.

Check Account Terms and Conditions for Individual Account Details.
Complaints Procedure & the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman: {http://www.tech2u.com.au/products/terms/complaints_policy.html}

Application Forms

Click Here for the Application Form
Please contact our office on 02 9499 7602 if any of these accounts interest you.

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