The Welcome Window

Once you have successfully logged on, you should see a desktop that looks like this:

The Welcome window is a quick way to see tips about Windows NT or access the Help files. The buttons on the right of the window give a variety of actions you can perform.

This window tells you about some of the things that are new on this interface. It is designed for those people who have used Windows or a Windows type interface before and are now updating their knowledge to Windows NT.

We will look at the Help files later in this course. Click the cross button in the upper right hand side of the window to close it. The Welcome window will still be on your screen.

At the bottom of the Welcome window is the option Show this Welcome Screen next time you start Windows NT. If there is a tick next to this option you will see this window every time you start your computer.

It is your own choice whether you like to see the Welcome window or not when you start up your computer. We will set the window not to appear when we start the computer.

NOTE: The Welcome window program has not gone from your computer. To see the window again, find the Welcome.exe program and run it by double clicking on its icon. The Welcome window will appear on your screen.


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